2017/2018 Committee

Congratulations to our new committee elected for the 2017/2018 EUBC season!!

We are really looking forward to continuing to make EUBC one of the best clubs at the university and Scotland

President – Cara Targett-Ness
Vice-President – Sam Butler
Treasurer – Aly Elizabeth
BUCS Secretary – Muron Marr
National League Secretary – Sean McDonald
Publicity Officer – Connor Sharp
Alumni Officer – Patryk Weyer
Social Secretaries – Salla Tuomaala and Jon Faulds
Child Protection Officer – Rosanna Pollock
Kit Officer – Katie Miller
W1 Team Rep – Hannah Robb
M1 Team Rep – Luke Howden
W2 Team Rep – Ciara Purves
M2 Team Rep – Alexander Boggon
W3 Team Rep – Clara Veiga and Eilidh Munro
M3 Team Rep – Kweku Crentsil

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