3 strong wins and a small loss from EUBC!

It was a strong win for the M1s against Abertay University last Wednesday. M1s dominated the first quarter thanks to their multiple 3 point shots and good defence which allowed Abertay University to only score 2 free throws. Edinburgh finishing first quarter 23-2. With Abertay waking up in the second quarter and managing to find points off field goals, the score lead no longer increased. However, M1s good ball movement still allowed them to maintain a rough 20-point lead going into the 2nd half. After half time, with no longer getting many points from the 3-point line, M1s had to focus on their offence by driving into the key. Abertay caused them some trouble with their fast breaks and tougher defence, however, M1s managed to keep a 20-point score thanks to their defensive switch to a 3-2 zone going into the 4th quarter. With a large lead the game was almost set, however Abertay continued to fight for the win with some good scoring and team play. M1s kept to point lead in the high 20’s as we answered Abertay’s points with our good shot selection. The final score was 80-49. M1s still remain first in their Scottish 1A BUCS league. Their next game is this Sunday where they will be playing in National league against Storm. Tip off is at 12.20 in CSE sports centre.

W1’s won against Newcastle university with a score of 45-80. W1s were squaring off for 4th place in the Prem North. After having beaten Newcastle by 1 point in overtime at home, W1s knew it wasn’t going to be easy even though they now had more players to work with. W1s started off focused and played well together on both end of the floor. They missed some shots to start with but managed to force Newcastle to go over the 24 seconds clock. When they started scoring on their opponents but were still not getting anything easy. However, they managed to make some tough scores staying close to them. Newcastle played very well offensively as a team and had also clearly worked on their defensive schemes. 13-20 after the first quarter. In the second W1 started to run more and made a couple of three pointers taking the lead up to 20-39 at half time. All players had been on the court and it was great to have Hannah Robb back to playing again. The team were very focused on having a good start after half time and the team really delivered forcing Newcastle to take a quick timeout after a 4-0 run. The thirds quarter ending in 9-24 took the score 29-63 and the 4th quarter didn’t have much meaning anymore so they tried a few things still winning the last quarter 16-17 and so winning the game 45-80. Head Coach, Bart Sengers comments, “It was good to see our shooters finding their range and making 8 threes together ensuring we had a good mix up of offensive weapons”. Next up the final 16’s game at home on March 1st.

W2s had another strong win against Dundee University last Wednesday with a final score of 66-30. The girls started off strong, hardly letting Dundee play offence. The girls quick ball handling and fast movements let them get easy shots and winning the first quarter 4-24. By the second quarter, the girls still managed to take the lead and only letting Dundee score 6 points. However after half time, the girls were focusing too much on their plays rather then trying to play defence, letting Dundee catch up. However, the girls pulled through and thanks to their full court man-press defence, most balls were turned over letting the girls get some easy breaks. By the end, unfortunately W2s were on team fouls letting Dundee get easy shots from free throws. Top scorer was again, Cara Targett-Ness with a total of 18 points. However, the girls were impressed with the final score and are excited to be going to Durham next week to play in the final 16s of the BUCS trophy. W2s are now coming second in the Scottish 1A league. If they manage to win the next two BUCS matches between Napier and RGU, they will be top of the league!

It was a tough but small lost for M3s against St Andrews (Mens 1sts) last Wednesday. M3s were playing their BUCS trophy match, the final score. 36-45. The team was really pleased with their score as it was only a small loss from a team two leagues ahead of them. The game was tied at three different times and in the last 2 minutes, St Andrews only had a 3 point lead. Unfortunately, from a few turnovers and missed layups, their opponent eventually stole the win. Key player was Jackson Offor who shut down their best player to 4 points, led the team in scoring and rebounding.

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