EUBC are coming back with more wins

Match reports for 19th of October 2016

It was another extremely close match for M1s this week, as they only just won by 4 points (final score was 58-54). During the first quarter, Aberdeen put pressure on early making them get a 10-point lead. There was good defence from both teams but unfortunately Edinburgh needed more shots. In the 2nd quarter, they managed to pick up the intensity and score more baskets leaving them with a 6-point lead by half time. By 4th quarter, Edinburgh needed to keep reshuffling their plays to keep Aberdeen from taking the lead.

W1 got off to a rough start and were down by 18-0 by the end of the first quarter. There were moments of some good basketball but unfortunately lost to Northumbria with a final score of 78-40.

M2s won against 68-38 against a strong St Andrews side. Coach, Dale Gilmour and Assistant head coach, Connor Sharp says that there was a great effort from the entire team, playing great defence throughout the game and pushing the pace on offence. Lead players, Craig Ferguson managed to score 17 points, while Fred Brown scored 16. Shout out of the game goes to Edward Agboraw for playing with fantastic effort the whole time on the court and dominated the rebounds for both ends, Dale comments that he was “the heart and soul of the game”. M2 remain first in their Scottish 2A league, with winning both matches of the season.

M2 team photo.jpg
M2 Team: Standing up to the left, (Assistant Head Coach) Connor Sharp, (Team members) Jon Faulds, Fred Brown, Sean McDonald, Shawn Schneidereit, Edward Agboraw, Alexander Boggan,  Nils Andräs and (Head Coach) Dale Gilmour. Kneeling to the left: (Team Members) Segun Oyebanjo, Matt Young, Andrew Hobson, Terry Guo, Craig Ferguson and Josh Proctor

W2 did an another amazing job this week, winning against Aberdeen University, 51-36. They started off a bit rough, which threw them off their play and by half time, Edinburgh were only up by 3 points. However, they managed to pull through and played a fantastic 3rd quarter, not letting Aberdeen score once (13-0). In the 4th quarter, they managed to maintain the intensity making them win. Coach, Jordan Webb comments, “was a good performance in the second half, showed what we’re capable of defensively and excited for us to keep improving”. Winning all three of their matches, W2 are currently coming first in their Scottish 1a BUCS league.

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