Meet the 2020/21 committee!

President: Ottilia, a 4th year chemistry student from Luxembourg plays for the second team.
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Vice-President: Alexander, 5th year physics student from ________ plays on the second team.










National League Secretary: Gustav, 4th year Computer Science and Maths, plays on the second team and organises the EUBC intramural team. 6ft8, easy to find in clubs.
BUCS Secretary: Erynn, a 2nd year Sports Science student plays for the 2nd team and has been playing basketball for 10 years.














Sponsorship and fundraising: Ben, a second year Economics student from Scotland who plays for the second team and also plays guitar.












Alumni officer: Hey I’m Nikki, I’m a 4th year Politics student from Canada playing on the 3rd!



Treasurer: Eilidh McClure

Publicity Officers: Elise Tweedie


Wellbeing and Child Protection Officer: Andrej, a second year AI and CS student from South Africa/Serbia.
Kit officer: Laoise, a 6th year medical student on the second team from Belfast.

Social Secretaries:  Lolo Negreira Gomez

Social secretary: Iain, “The bros, the beers, the basketball. In that order,” plays for the second team and is a 4th year zoology student.
Social secretary: Holly, a third year History of Art student who plays on the thirds team and likes photography.






M1 Rep: Zeno Kujawa


Maela, 2nd year applied sport science student from Glasgow. Plays on the first Premier team and WBBL Caledonia pride, loves music.











      M2 Rep: Amman Ferguson

Screen Shot 2020-05-26 at 1.15.02 PM
Women’s 2 rep: Kyi Lae Shune (Wendy), 2nd year medical student from Myanmar.










M3 Rep: Cameron Davies

W3 Reps: Grace Robertson