Meet YOUR 2022/23 committee

Your President for the 2022/23 season is Tom Busby. Tom is a third year student studying Business and Strategic Economics who plays for the Men’s third team. He is heading up the committee with the help of the other Execs.

This year’s Vice President is Rose Harvey. Rose plays for the Women’s first team and is moving into her 2nd year. She is another of the Exec committee and you will be sure to see her on the sidelines at plenty of games.

The Treasurer for this year is Freddie Laflin another member of the Execs. Armed with 2 years of his degree in Accounting and Finance, Freddie is ready to take on the role. He is a third year student who plays for the Men’s third team.

Ben Ritch is this year’s BUCS Secretary. Ben plays for the Men’s second team and is moving into his third year at the Uni studying History and Politics. Ben is also on the Exec Committee so you will quickly get to know him.

This year’s National League Secretary is Craig Miller. Craig is a third year student who is the final member of the Exec Committee. Craig plays for the Men’s third team and studies Computational Physics.

Kyi Lae Shune Kyaw (Wendy) is our Welfare and Child Protection officer for the year. She is a 4th year Medicine student who represents the Women’s second team. Wendy is your go to if you are having problems with your welfare whether that is basketball related or not.

Rita Garcia is one of our Social Secretaries for this season. You will be sure to see her out for a club social on a Wednesday night. Rita plays for the Women’s second team as she moves into her second year at uni studying Psychology.

This year’s Women’s 1st team Rep is Jenni Torrance. Jenni is in her first year studying Genetics.

Oliver McFarlane is a fourth year Geography student who is filling the role of Men’s 1st team Rep this year.

The Women’s Second team Rep for this year is Elena Mendez. Elena is moving into her second year of university where she studies International Relations.

Cam Davies is moving into his second year as the Men’s 3rd team Rep. Cam is in his 4th year at the uni studying Biomedical Sciences.